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Quality Control

Jiangsu Hong-Xin-Long Home Textiles Co., Ltd Quality Control

1. The quality management department shall formulate "quality control operation process" in accordance with relevant industry standards.

2. "Quality control operation process" shall be issued and executed by the quality management department after it is approved by the leader.

3. Each production unit carefully organizes and learns the operation process, and implements it in the specific work.

4. Personnel in charge of quality control in relevant departments shall conduct market quality inspection with the cooperation of relevant personnel in the quality management department.

5. Relevant departments found problems during the implementation of quality control operating procedures and judged the types of problems.

6. If the problem is routine, end it.

7. If the problem does not belong to the normal scope, the quality management department will organize relevant departments to discuss the solution of the problem, and the solution will be approved and executed by the leader after the solution is determined.




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  • Jiangsu Hong-Xin-Long Home Textiles Co., Ltd
    Standard: ISO9001
    Number: 36919Q10031ROS
    Issue Date: 2020-09-09
    Expiry Date: 2021-09-09
    Scope/Range: Outdoor articles
  • Jiangsu Hong-Xin-Long Home Textiles Co., Ltd
    Standard: BSCI
    Number: 394449
    Issue Date: 2020-09-17
    Expiry Date: 2021-09-17
    Scope/Range: Outdoor articles
    Issued By: amfori@BSCI
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